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Speaker Series

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Saturday, May 8th at 1 PM

Mitchell Scott Lewis
What will post-pandemic America look like? How will the transits in 2021 shape our lives?

Mitchell Scott Lewis will discuss the coming year focused on these topics in addition to:
How will business be different in the coming year?
What about money – bitcoin – taxes – banks?
What changes will the new economic plans create?

The fault, dear Brutus, in not in our stars, but in ourselves…

Bio: Mitchell Scott Lewis has been a professional astrologer in New York City for more than three decades, specializing in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation. Throughout the 90’s he worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange and became well-known as an astrological trader and market analyst.

He has accurately predicted a number of world events, including the rise and fall of oil prices, the ’08 stock market crash, which he precisely foretold within days of its occurrence more than a year in advance.

Mitchell has also been a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory since 2010 where he has discussed the economy, politics and the future of our society.

His Starlight Detective Agency mystery series, published by Poisoned Pen Press, has developed a strong cult following among savvy mystery buffs. The most recent book in the series is Evil in the 1st House.


Cost: NCGR Boston Chapter members currently attend Chapter meetings for free. All others pay $20. See the Payment Section at the end of this page.

Saturday, June 5th at 2 PM

Two New Hampshire astrologers: Tom Canfield & Dorothy Morgan

Tom Canfield ~ An Introduction to Haumea and Makemake
Based on the work of Henry Seltzer, who is publishing a Kuiper Belt Object Ephemeris with Astro Computing Services (ACS), we will look at how these two new bodies will fit in with natal charts and event charts. Haumea is the Hawaiian mother goddess who gave birth to the Hawaiian deities. Her example may be similar to Juno, the mother goddess of Greco-Roman mythology. Makemake is the creator God of Easter Island, who brings order to the universe. He might be seen as a cross between Saturn (order) and Uranus (sky god.)  Positions for Haumea and Makemake can also be found in the ACS New American Ephemeris 2020-2030 if attendees want to start seeing the positions in their natal charts.

BIO – Tom Canfield has been studying Astrology for more than 40 years. He studied with Maria Simms when she was living in Connecticut in the early 1980’s. In the 1990’s, he belonged to the New Hampshire Astrological Association in Manchester, and later the Seacoast Astrological Association in Portsmouth. When Maria Simms moved Astro Computing Service to New Hampshire in 2008, he went to work there and has been running charts and reports since. He’s an Aquarius with Virgo Rising and Moon in Capricorn.

Dorothy Morgan ~ Let’s explore the watery and mystical world of Jupiter in Pisces
Will it be a straightforward transit? Oh, I doubt that! This is only the second time that Jupiter and Neptune have been in Pisces simultaneously since Neptune was discovered in 1846.

During the time Jupiter is in Pisces we have a real opportunity to come together as one. To erase the borders, expand beyond our current boundaries and limitations. Jupiter in Pisces is sure to inspire us to see and feel more. Faith and Hope abound.

Are you ready to dissolve your own limitations? Are you ready to release your rigid thinking? Will we get lost in the fog of delusion or shall we dive deep into our philosophical beliefs, compassionate hearts and Soul purpose? What about water? Will it become a commodity? Will we finally focus on what the oceans need? How about stepping up in regard to harnessing the power of water for energy? We have a lot to talk about.  

BIODorothy Morgan is a Master Astrologer, Teacher, Speaker, Writer and Vlogger. She has studied astrology since 1988. The wisdom of these years shows in the depth of her work, taking a complicated subject and making it easy to understand. Sharing her knowledge with clients, students and astrological enthusiasts from all over the world for decades. She has volunteered her time as the Treasurer of the Seacoast Astrological Association in NH back in the 1990’s and the President of the association 2015 -2019.

You can find her at nhastrologer.com

Cost: NCGR Boston Chapter members currently attend Chapter meetings for free. All others pay $20. See the Payment Section at the end of this page.



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