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Maria Kay Simms | Elizabeth Spring

The Weiser Concise Guide to Practical Astrology (2008)
Author:  Priscilla Costello.

In this clear and accessible introduction to the essentials of modern astrology, Priscilla explores the meanings of planets, signs, houses, and aspects in relation to archetypal psychology, religion/spirituality, and related esoteric subjects.  Both inspiring and practical (theory is applied to an extended delineation of Oprah’s chart). Joyce Levine recommends it as “an outstanding introduction to the basics of astrology and the art of interpretation”.  Useful for those familiar with astrology AND a convincing read for family and friends.

Available from Amazon.com
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Publications by Joyce Levine. All books and CDs are available at www.joycelevine.com. Books are available at www.amazon.com

A Beginner’s Guide to Astrological Interpretation by Joyce Levine
Many astrologers have mastered only half their craft:  understanding the meaning of the planets, the houses, the signs, and their complex interrelationships.  Far fewer have learned to translate the arcane language of astrology into the language of life.  People care about their love lives, not Venus, about their money, not the second house.  This book goes beyond standard “cookbook” interpretations and offers beginning students and professionals alike a coherent way of approaching horoscopes and portraying astrological symbolism in plain language to which anyone can relate. Available from Amazon.com

Breakthrough Astrology, Transform Yourself and Your World by Joyce Levine
For more than 30 years, Joyce has been helping people recognize their natural abilities and use them to overcome their personal obstacles to success. Breakthrough Astrology gives you the keys to do this work on your  own.  This book serves as a guide both to help you recognize your strengths and to overcome difficult planetary patterns and to assist you in learning a psychological approach to astrology.    Back cover endorsements  include: Dr. Christiane Northrup, Robert Hand, Steven Forrest,  and Demetra George.  The forward is by Michael Lutin. Available from Amazon.com

CDS – Astrology Series & Self-Help Series
Astrology Series:

  • Pluto, The Shadow or the Light. Heal yourself.  Let Go of Anger and Fear.  Develop faith in the universe. Track 1,  Integrating Pluto Cycles, helps you recognize your unconscious motivations, and get past anger, rage, and fear, and develop faith.  Track 2, the Meditation, takes you through a guided meditation through your underworld so that you find its hidden treasures.   $12.95
  • Neptune, Spirituality or Escapism. Unlock Your Capacity for Spirituality, Creativity, and Love.  Track 1, Integrating Neptune Cycles, gives you an understanding of your capacity for love, spirituality, and escapism.  Track  2, the Meditation, guides you through a journey that enables you to create your own images of beauty and spirituality.  $12.95
  • Uranus, Erratic Conditions and Upheaval or Freedom to Be Ourselves. Track 1, Integrating Uranus Cycles.  Erratic conditions and upheaval lead to change.  Discover what freedom means to you, what to change, and where possibilities for breakthroughs exist.  Track 2, the Meditation, connects you with your own personal truth.  $12.95.
  • Saturn, Handling Responsibilities. Handling Your Responsibilities.  Gaining Wisdom from Experience.  Developing positive karma.  Track 1, Integrating Saturn Cycles, gets you in touch with how you handle responsibility, what you need to learn, and what to do about it.  Track 2, the Meditation, guides you to achieve positive results from your efforts and to recognize what you are responsible for and what you are not.   $12.95 .
  • Jupiter, Good Luck, Opportunity, Expansion, AbundanceTrack 1, Integrating Jupiter  Cycles, helps you expand your life, set new goals, and create abundance.  Side 2, the Journey, helps you get in touch with the best life has to offer.    $12.95
  • Contacting Your Guardian Angel. Track 1 tells you  about the history of angels and gives instructions that enable you to get in touch with your personal image of angels.  Track 2 takes you through a relaxation and guides you to contact your own special guardian angel.  $12.95
  • Chakra Meditation. Relax. Relieve Stress.  Get In Touch With Your Higher Consciousness.  Track 1 explains what meditation is and how it works.  Track  2 teaches you how to meditate, by taking you through a relaxation exercise and guiding you through the chakras (energy centers of the body), and then letting you drift.  It gets you in touch with, and enables you listen to, your inner voice–the voice of your Higher Self.   $12.95
  • Creative Visualization. Create Life The Way You Want It To Be.  Learn how to consciously use your imagination to create the life you’ve always wanted.  Track 1 explains what creative visualization is, how it works, and how it can benefit you.  You’ll learn how to design affirmations and create precise images of what you want.  Track 2 helps you visualize your own personal images so that you can create the life you’ve always wanted.   $12.95
  • Healing Anger and Resentment. Free Yourself From the Past.  Create a Positive Future.  Track 1 helps you recognize the importance of letting go of anger and resentment and gives you exercises that facilitate the healing process, including making lists, affirmations, and letter writing. Track 2 provides a visualization for the healing.    $12.95

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Long Range Weather Forecasting Course

Author: Carolyn Egan


     Study the keys to weather forecasting using planets and signs and how they relate to weather. Learn how to cast an ingress chart, understand what the ingress chart will provide, and how to use your own located ingress chart to forecast your local weather.
     You will also discover lunar phase charts, by far the most popular of the weather charts. In today’s fast paced society, this chart offers a quick forecast for a vacation week or finding extreme weather is a must. Plus, each of three example storms are analyzed in CD #1 using the ingress and lunar phase charts.  
     A thorough introduction divulges a multitude of menu items on the advanced work astrologers can choose from for long range weather forecasting. Learn how to understand wind velocity and timing for when it will be destructive. You’ll also discover how to find a chart that works well for a particular location as well as many other weather forecasting techniques: biwheels of ingress and lunar phase charts, midpoints, and astro-maps.
     Learn how to develop an accurate forecast for a single day — perfect for weddings and other outdoor events. Finally, you’ll study classic storms of the past in order to predict the classic storms of the future.

 See full course curriculum:


Moon Tides, Soul Passages
Author: Maria Kay Simms

Moon Tides, Soul Passages, by Maria Kay Simms, guides your understanding of past, present and future, and the power of personal choice through the flow of life as defined by natal and secondary progressed lunar signs and the eight lunar phases, as first defined by Dane Rudhyar. Also covered are lunar and solar eclipses, prenatal and in transit, and tips on living with Moon in daily life through transiting signs and phases. Your intuitive understanding of Moon is evoked through Maria’s interpretations of the signs by element and mode through mythologies of four triple Goddess pantheons (Ishtar for water, Brighid for fire, Demeter for Earth, Isis for Air) with waxing Moon (cardinal) as Maiden, full Moon (fixed) as Mother and waning Moon (mutable) as Crone. Correspondence with the ancient (and modern) eight solar-seasonal holidays also enriches understanding of the eight-phase cyclical flow. Many examples are cited from personal and celebrity chart files.

Additional insights are provided through a chapter on experiential astrology with meditations and rituals for Moon in each element and phase, and through 16 pages in color of paintings by Maria and her daughter Molly Sullivan chosen for their illustration of the lunar elemental and phase themes.

The book includes an easy-to-use Windows software CD by Rique Pottenger that provides a three page report of all personal information needed to apply the book’s interpretations. Page one lists natal Moon sign, house, phase and prenatal eclipses plus a lifetime (three complete 29-1/2 year cycles) of sign and phase changes by secondary progression. Two additional pages list the transiting lunar sign changes and eclipses for one year, and the exact astrological times of the eight solar-seasonal holidays. The full ACS Atlas is built in.

Available from Amazon.com
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North Node Astrology: Rediscovering Your Life Direction and Soul Purpose
Author: Elizabeth Spring, MA
Available only at: Amazon.com
17 reviews and a “Look Inside the Book” feature

Endorsed by Steven Forrest and Jungian analyst and author, James Hollis, this book delves deeply into understand the natal Nodes, by sign and by house, and uses a Jungian approach to rediscovering one’s life direction through a fresh approach to understanding one’s transits. Of particular interest to many astrologers are the chapters on: “The Astrology of Mid-life and Aging” and “The Family Karmic Inheritance.”

Available from Amazon.com
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Publications by A T Mann

A T Mann 2011 Mandala Calendar (2011, Pomegranate, SF)
A. T. Mann divides his time between the practice of astrology, teaching, and writing. In 1976 he created twelve mandalas that pay tribute to a variety of cultures, teasing out connections to the signs of the zodiac, numerology, and universal archetypes. Reproduced here with concise descriptive captions, these intricate, richly detailed mandalas have been displayed in London, Copenhagen, and Majorca; published in many books; and serialized in the Dutch journal Bres.

Language of the Sacred Trees (2011, Sterling Publishers, New York)
Trees are essential to our outer and inner lives. Trees are profound images, symbols and manifestations of life itself. Early humanity recognized the sacred in natural places: initially in the sky and earth, but they also found representations of the divine in trees. Legends of a “World Tree” abound in many cultures, such as the Tree of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life of the Hebrew mystical Kabbalah, the sacred oak groves of the Druids and the apple trees sacred to Venus in the Garden of the Hesperides. The Yggdrasil world ash tree in the Norse represents the fate of the world and determines the welfare of the universe. Beneath it is the Well of Fate where the three female “fates” spin the course of human lives.

Sacred Landscapes: Threshold between Worlds with photographs by Lynn Davis (2010, Sterling Publishers, New York)
Sacred Landscapes are those magical places on earth and in our imagination that evoke higher feelings, precipitate spirituality, and connect heaven and earth. What makes such places sacred is that they evoke a spiritual reverence in us, whatever our religious or spiritual orientation. These special and beautiful landscapes are often where creation myths happened in the very distant past, and they are the places where tribes, cultures and even nations came into being, emerging within the natural world. The most profound ecological truth to these Sacred Landscapes is that when we forsake the sacredness of the Earth Mother Gaia, we risk our lives and that of our planet. Discover natural and dramatic landscapes as links between heaven and earth, a change of our attitude to nature is necessary, in order to save our world.

A New Vision of Astrology (2002, Pocket Books, New York)
Integrate astrology and psychology in the total picture of our whole being, linking health, psychology and w our father and mother are an essential foundation of our life; third, the horoscope describes our c) Four initial postulates created this book: first, the influences in our life come from and manifest through an identifiable cast of characters; second, the events from gestation to birth and the early relationship between hanging pattern in time as we naturally unfold, develop and change throughout life; and fourth, our biolog ell-being together.

The Round Art of Astrology (1978 & 1991, Dragon’s World Ltd. and 2003, Vega, London)
The Round Art is an internationally recognized classic of modern astrology for its ideas, design and artwork, all created by the author. It is a unique synthesis of astrology, biology, physics, psychology, mythology, history and healing. The Round Art presents astrology as a metaphor for exploring the nature of biological and psychological time. Its unique metaphor is that the spiralling solar system through time resonates with the DNA genetic spiral, transmitting information instantly from cosmos to individual. It is unique and brilliant in its integration of time and space through meaning.

Astrology and the Art of Healing (2004, Paraview, New York & Kindle)
Astrology and the Art of Healing describes the principles and practice of medical astrology in a new and revolutionary way. Each physical, emotional, mental and spiritual therapy relates to the stages of your life in which problems originate. Many sample horoscopes will show how to derive astrological/medical insights and choose a combination of therapies that are most appropriate for you.

The Divine Life: Astrology and Reincarnation (2002, Vega, London and eBook from atmann.net)
The Divine Life is one of the most important astrological works of the 20th century. Not only does it put astrology into an absolutely central position for understanding the development of human history and consciousness, it also gives astrology a new dimension and practical tools by introducing logarithmic time-scales. A T Mann gives a breathtaking new angle to the age-old schism between faith and science, and between material and spiritual concepts, that in time will be decisive for astrology’s position in western society. This book is a must for anybody who has the courage to call themselves an astrologer.

Sacred Sexuality (with Jane Lyle) (1995, Element Books, Barnes & Noble, Book of the Month Club; 2002, Vega, London)
Sacred Sexuality explores the origins and practices of sexuality as an integration of heaven and earth in many diverse cultures throughout the world. Sacred Sexuality unites mind, body and spirit and offers us a link between natural, sensual pleasures and profound feelings which are universal and innocent. In this beautifully produced, lavishly illustrated book, A.T. Mann and Jane Lyle explore the rich heritage of the mythology, practices, poetry and beauty of sexuality as a spiritual process in many diverse cultures throughout the world. In many ancient faiths sexuality was the ultimate sacred act and a central holy sacrament, and lust an experience of oneness with divinity.

Elements of Reincarnation (1995, Element Books)
The Elements of Reincarnation is a survey of the wide range of reincarnation beliefs of many cultures, including Neolithic, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Hindu, Buddhist and others. Also presented is a unique system developed by A T Mann that allows one to determine the times of history of our earlier incarnations from the astrological horoscope. This book corrects many misconceptions people have of this powerful and important phenomenon.

Sacred Architecture (2002, Vega, London)
For much of our history the earth itself and all architecture – not only religious monuments and buildings – created a context of the sacred. Sacred Architecture is a re-discovery of our collective heritage, showing us how to understand the symbols of change provided by the buildings and monuments of our ancestors. The language of the sacred can be seen buildings in which astronomical, mythic, geometric and structural patterns have been incorporated, reflecting the ancient traditions rooted in astrology and cosmos. Such sacred images, buildings and sites are not merely stylistic ornaments, but also depict cosmic principles which still have meaning and relevance to us today.

Secrets of the Tarot (1993, Element Books Ltd., 2001 HarperCollins)
The ancient and mystical art of the Tarot is not just about telling fortunes. By using the Tarot you can tap into hidden knowledge within the psyche to enhance both your daily life and your spiritual development. The Tarot cards are symbolic keys whose function is to open up the psyche to new ideas, concepts, feelings and spiritual possibilities. Tarot symbols both conceal and reveal their mysteries according to your ability to concentrate or meditate upon them. The deeper you can go into their world, the more they will awaken true contact with the soul.

Millennium Prophecies (1992, Element Books)
Millennium Prophecies reviews relevant and irrelevant historical and modern prophecies, speculates about the human need for prophecy, and makes informed astrological judgments of the next crucial years of our race on earth. All information is charted in tables of events. The entire range is here, from Nostradamus to St. Malachy, from ancient astrologers and visionaries to modern scientists. This book will prepare you for beginnings and endings.

The Mandala Astrological Tarot (2009 Sterling New York) The Mandala Astrological Tarot is a book and tarot deck designed, painted, and written by A T Mann. The images are circular mandalas on square cards that can be oriented to the horoscope angles and correspond to the signs of the zodiac, planets, and decanates. The four-colour book contains complete interpretations, pictures of each card and many new techniques for reading and learning the cards. It is truly the most beautiful integration of astrology and tarot that exists.

The Future of Astrology (edited, 2004, Paraview, New York & Kindle)
The Future of Astrology is a selection of essays written by some of the foremost international astrologers in the world today. These provocative astrologers include: Robert Hand, Dane Rudhyar, Layla Rael Rudhyar, John Addey, Jim Lewis, Dennis Elwell, Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Charles Harvey, Bruno & Louise Huber, Roger Elliot, Alan Oken and A T Mann. Among areas of interest covered in these papers are research, psychology and astrology, science versus astrology, professionalism, the politics of astrology, astro-economics, esoteric astrology, astrological organisations, astrology as revolutionary science, new links between astrology and biology, counselling and astrological predictions about the future of our world.

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