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Joyce Levine is a professional astrological consultant with more than 30 years experience working with individuals, couples, families, and businesses. She characterizes her work as helping her clients “overcome astro/psychological obstacles so that they can achieve their full potential.” Frequently interviewed by the media, Joyce has appeared on national television and has had her picture on the front page of the Boston Globe and its Living Arts Section.

Joyce is the author of Breakthrough Astrology, Transform Yourself and Your World and A Beginner’s Guide to Astrological Interpretation; and two series of transformational audio CDs: (1) Self-help Series which includes: Meditation, Creative Visualization, Healing Anger and Resentment, and Contacting Your Guardian Angel; and (2) Integrating Astrological Cycles Series which includes Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Joyce is the current Clerk for NCGR as well as being President of the NCGR Boston Chapter, and has attained NCGR’s Level IV certification in consulting.  She previously served as the Advisory Board Chair and SIG Coordinator for NCGR. She also served as the Secretary on the UAC Board. She passed AFA’s professional certification exam in 1979 and is Past President of the New England Astrological Association. Joyce can be reached at joycel@joycelevine.com or 617-354-7075.

Vice President

Monica Hable Dimino
brings 50 years of astrological experience to her lectures and writing.  She holds professional degrees in nursing, is a certified Gestalt therapist, and has three astrological achievements, the NCGR-PAA Level IV title, along with ISAR CAO and PMAFA.  She currently serves as the Vice-President of the Boston NCGR Chapter and Director on the ISAR National Board.  In her teaching and consulting, she is dedicated to finding better ways to bring astrological information to the consumer.



David Perloff  teaches astrology locally and has given talks across the United States and internationally. He was a speaker at the NCGR 2017 conference in Baltimore, as well as at the 1st International Congress of Astrology in Portugal. His articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, Geocosmic Journal, Jornal de Associação Portuguesa de Astrologia and other astrological publications. His article on Mental Chemistry will appear in the July 2017 edition of Dell Horoscope Magazine.

David was elected Secretary of the Boston NCGR chapter in 2008. Among his duties are maintaining the chapter mailing list, the web site, and producing the meeting and chapter news announcements.

He can be reached at davidperloffastrology@gmail.com



Muriel “Merve” Gould has been studying astrology her entire adult life.  She is a member of the Boston NCGR Chapter. She has a Masters in Management and has held a series of management positions in health care.  She presently works in the pharmaceutical industry.

She can be reached at mbgould@comcast.net


Membership Secretary

Marilyn Bernstein, certified NCGR Level I (thank you Pat!) has been a student of astrology for over a decade. Learning from Frances McEvoy the joy of creating a community to study astrology. Student of tarot, yoga, Polarity energy work, and Reiki Master. Teacher of yoga and meditation, using the astrological cycles to enhance the energetic qualities of yoga classes. Hoping as Membership Secretary to increase our member base and be a welcoming community to encourage the study of astrology for current and new chapter members.    

She can be reached at NCGRBOSTONMEMBERS@hotmail.com.


Education Director

Pat Taglilatelo holds Level IV certification from NCGR-PAA and the designation of Certified Astrological Professional from ISAR.  For several years she was the editor of the chapter newsletter and second vice-president. Since late 2008 she has been the local Education Director, helping those who wish to take the NCGR-PAA certification exams to attain their goal. With an A.B. and M.Ed., she has had prior careers in public education and in business.  The editor of AstroDatabank since 2003, she teaches, writes, lectures and sees clients. She can be reached at pmtag@comcast.net.